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Become a Phlete Independent Driver Partner (IDP) today to determine your own salary and your own schedule.

These days, there are plenty of options for those who drive to earn income. Before drivers align themselves with any company, they should understand the important difference between revenue and profit. While some of the larger companies casually discuss potential earnings, their drivers report significant losses due to downtime, shifts in policies (some drivers even boycotted), and most shocking are the devastating overhead costs associated with driving your personal vehicle for 40 hours per week. We haven’t even mentioned stories of some of their obnoxious customers.

What if there was a way to earn as a driver with literally zero overhead and very minimal interaction with customers? Well actually, there is.

What is Phlete?

Established in 2016, Phlete is a GPS-trackable mobile application connecting pre-screened drivers with vehicle owners who want to have their cars driven and delivered to a desired location.

What are the benefits of driving with Phlete?

  1. As an independent contractor, you determine your own schedule and earn as often as you want to.

  2. The Phlete platform finds your customers for you.

  3. Because you are not earning with your personal vehicle, your profits are not impacted by fuel and vehicle maintenance costs.

  4. Signing up early puts you in position to get a greater share of earnings before more drivers join.

  5. Other Phlete drivers will drive you in between your appointments.

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