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Partner with Phlete

Certified Service Partner Program


Become a Phlete Certified Service Partner (CSP) today to increase your brand presence, increase your revenue, and offer your customers a service that your competitors do not.


Very rarely does a business get the opportunity to level the playing field against the giant corporate competition. For independent businesses providing auto services, Phlete is that opportunity. Becoming a Certified Service Partner (CSP) with Phlete means your business can provide a service that the competition simply does not.

What is Phlete?

Established in 2016, Phlete is a GPS-trackable, web/mobile application service providing pre-screened drivers that deliver privately owned vehicles from one location to another.

How does this help your business?

1.      We will send business directly to you. CSPs will be featured in all of our marketing platforms and within our regional marketing campaigns. Get in now before the number of CSPs increase!

2.      You can now conclude every appointment phone call with “Do you want to bring your car in and wait, or would you like for us to pick it up and return it to you upon completion?”

3.      This service can be an upsell to your customers, providing additional revenue for your business.

4.      Providing this service is giving your customers that extra special touch that will set your business apart from the others. Phlete offers an additional level of credibility that builds trust with current and potential customers.

How much is this service?

With our startup promotion, the direct cost is currently $39 each way*. After the promotion ends, the cost will be determined by the time and distance traveled. This total cost can be covered by your business (and possibly upsold to the customer), charged directly to your customer, or subsidized by your business.

*Vehicle must be within 20 miles of the service center.


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